Early version of ‘Software Operability’ book coming soon

We’re pleased to announce that an early version of our book Software Operability: how to make software work well in Production will be published soon via our LeanPub site at operabilitybook.com

We are busy adding significant new chapters and practical examples based on our recent work with organisations in the UK and Germany. Oh, and we have a nice new cover for the book too. Follow us on Twitter for updates: @Operability.

Matthew Skelton & Rob Thatcher, authors, ‘Software Operability’

Cover of Software Operability book

Patterns for Performance and Operability – Summary

Patterns for Performance and Operability The book Patterns for Performance and Operability by Ford et al is one of the few publications which addresses directly the operability of business software (which is partly why I am writing Software Operability:  A Guide for Software Teams). Patterns for Performance and Operability (‘PPO’) is an excellent volume, containing many valuable insights into the ways we can improve the operability of software systems; this blog post explores a few of the key themes and ideas found in the book.


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